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Property Damage Insurance Coverage

This type of automobile coverage will cover repairs or replacement to someone else’s property, car, real estate, or other personal property items that may be damaged or lost due to an accident involving your motor vehicle.

Bodily Injury or Death Insurance Coverage

This automobile coverage type covers any liability that you may be responsible for as far as injuries or even death of a third party, due to an accident. These costs can quickly add up and this type of coverage can save you from lawsuits and from financial bankruptcy. Another type you may want to consider is Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury coverage, as it will cover your injuries if the other driver is at fault and does not have insurance coverage.

Additional Insurance Coverage

  • Repair and replacement costs for your own vehicle will be covered under collision insurance.
  • Non-accident damage or theft will be covered under a comprehensive insurance coverage policy.
  • Medical and funeral costs will be covered by personal injury insurance. In addition, this coverage will over any passengers or third parties that may be involved as well.

The laws in your own state are the biggest determination in the type and amount of coverage that you need to choose from. Each state has a minimum coverage amount that you are required to carry, so you want to be sure that you meet that minimum at the very least.