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No one is exempt from illness or injury, which is why you want to think about purchasing insurance for the future. One kind of insurance that you want to think about is disability insurance. It can continue your income if you are unable to work because of an accident or severe illness to allow you to continue paying your bills.

It doesnt matter if you have a family or not, when you have disability coverage, you will be able to continue receiving part of your income if you are unable to work. This type of coverage is largely offered through employers and there is normally a period of time when payment will begin after you file your claim.

Two types of disability insurance coverage is offered - short and long term. Short term insurance coverage will pay out benefits for a specific period of time after you become ill or injured, and not able to work. The other type of coverage, long-term coverage, dictates a specific waiting period that has to be followed before you will be eligible for benefits. Both kinds of insurance is necessary to cover both types of situations.

While an employer sponsored policy will only pay off a percentage of your normal income, adding a supplemental policy can cover some of the gap that there may be between regular pay and disability pay. The large majority of injuries and accidents occur on the job, which will dictate eligibility for workers compensation coverage as well. All of this coverage can work together to allow you to pay rent, mortgage, auto payments, and more, while you are not able to work.

Disability is a very common occurrence for a large group of the workforce. Whether it is a short or long term occurrence, disability insurance can come in handy to help cover those day to day expenses and keep your financial footing stable. It doesnt matter if you have a family or you are single, bills must be paid, and having disability insurance can be the way to pay the bills and live your life.