Pumping Milk for Preemies

Preemie Babies in North Texas - 1 in every 8 babies is born prematurely and these babies are at a high risk of contacting infections due to an underdeveloped immune system. Many issues include cardiac problems and improperly and underdeveloped organs. Often times, a preemie mom is unable to provide her infant with her own milk because her supply has not been developed. Breast milk is the most optimal nutrition for any baby, but especially for those who are already struggling to thrive. This is where Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas steps in.

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They provide screened and pasteurized donated milk to hospitals to feed their preemies. Donor human milk is the best choice for a preemie, because there are countless components of mom’s own milk that cannot be duplicated. Help provide resources for this bank to get breast milk to provide antibodies and immunities to fight off infection!

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