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While you may think your RV or recreational vehicle is covered by your auto or homeowners insurance, this is not the case. Even though your RV can be lived in and you can drive it around, it needs a sort of combination insurance choice between the two, which is specialized recreational vehicle insurance.

Whether you live in your RV all the time or just use it a few months out of the year, RV insurance is a necessity. It will cover damage to your vehicle, in addition to theft of the RV or even of your belongings. You will have to choose between payout market value or replacement value policies to get the best price and choice for your needs. Your insurance agent will be able to guide you in making the right choice for your investment and your family.

One option that you will have is vacation protection coverage. This is for costs that could be associated with being out of town and the RV breaking down. Hotel costs, car rental, transportation, or other associated costs can be paid with this type of policy. If you travel, it could be a smart choice to get this type of coverage to make sure that you will not have a trip ruined by a vehicle breaking down.

RV insurance is not just for those vacation motor homes, however. Other vehicles are covered, including ATVs, golf carts, trailers and more. In addition liability, collision coverage, safety apparel, parts, and other things can be added to your policy. You only have to work with your insurance agent to choose the right policy for your particular vehicle and needs.

Still another benefit of RV insurance is the storage option. This allows you to suspend the coverage if the RV is going to be at home, instead of traveling. It still covers theft and fire, but no traveling associated events. This is a great choice for those who only use their RVs for vacations and trips.

Whether you are looking for full replacement coverage, liability, vacation coverage, or another type of policy, you will find that RV insurance can take some of the stress out of owning an RV for you and your future financial situation.